Private custom service

Shenzhen Wisdomusb Technology Co., Ltd.


Private ordering is a phenomenon in which many customers focus on self-experience. Each of us is different and has different needs and opinions for many things. The same is true for USB cables.

Wisdom usb has a professional R&D design team that can provide customers with a customized service for the cable and a one-to-one opportunity for the customer's private label and USB logo development logo customization. Private label and wholesale USB data charging lines have always been one of our most popular bestsellers. We also have an experienced, technically superior R&D team that can help you with every step of your personal branding. In addition, we can also provide a research and development team, a design team and a careful project manager to serve you.

  •  Product Planning
  •  Raw material
  •  Quotations
  •  Sample Production
  •  Package & Labels
  •  Production

Suppose the customer provides their own branded formula and packaging materials, because the quality of the material is not within our control, so it is difficult to ensure its quality. However, regardless of the three certificates (hygiene license, business license, manufacturing license), we are obliged to have strict requirements on product quality to ensure that the finished product fully complies with relevant national regulations.