wholesale magnetic 3 in 1 nylon flash charging cable

  • Model: 119
  • Function: Charging + data transmission
  • Length: 1000mm,Customized
  • Current: 5A,Customized
  • Color: Silver,black,red,gold or Customizable
  • Wire: nylon + Aluminum alloy
  • Interface: USB,Micro、Lighting、TYPE-C



wholesale magnetic 3 in 1 nylon flash charging cable

Recently, the very popular magnetic data cable, the name sounds very cool, as the name suggests, this kind of data cable is connected to the socket by means of magnetic attraction.

Magnetic data cable. The packaging of magnetic data cable is relatively tight. The material of this data cable is nylon cable. The nylon material has the characteristics of high strength, high toughness, wear resistance and not easy to knot. It is used as a data cable. Compared with ordinary data cable materials, it can greatly reduce the frequency of data cable replacement, and it is also easier to store. The overall quality is very good.

The overall length of the data cable is about 1m, which can meet all our use environments and needs, and it uses high-quality copper wire material, low loss, high conversion rate, and improves the charging efficiency to a certain extent. In terms of charging, this Cafil magnetic The data cable supports the mainstream fast charging protocol on the market, and the temperature of the outgoing interface will not be too high.

This magnetic data cable is also a three-in-one fast charging data cable. This magnetic data cable is equipped with three charging head ports, which are Apple connector, Android ordinary connector, and type-c connector. Each connector uses Independent packaging, very careful, easy to store to prevent loss, because this kind of small things are usually the easiest to lose, and with the packaging bag, it can effectively prevent loss.

wholesale magnetic 3 in 1 cable Parameters:

Brand wisdomusb
Products Status Stock
Attribute magnetic 3 in 1 cable
Feature Magnetic
Connector Type Aluminum alloy
Color Silver/black/red/gold
Length 1M/customized
Current 5A
Input Voltage 5V
Material nylon, Aluminum alloy
Jacket Flat nylon braided
Function charging and data transfer
Place of Origin Shenzhen, China
Customized Length Min. Order: 500 Meters
Customized Color Min. Order: 500 Meters
Customized logo Min. Order: 500 Meters
Customized packaging Min. Order: 500 Meters
MOQ 100pcs
Usage Universal
Packing Standard wisdomusb packaging or ODM
Supply Ability 100000 Piece/Pieces per Month
Port Shen zhen

What is the difference between a magnetic data cable and a general data cable?

difference between a magnetic data cable and a general data cable

This magnetic data cable has science fiction and trendy genes. Its convenience is self-evident. One line carries multiple charging heads. Usually, the charging head is connected to the mobile phone, which can protect the charging port of the mobile phone from dust, and it can also be connected to the charging line to charge the mobile phone through magnetic attraction at any time. , While the ordinary data cable has no magnetic attraction function, it needs to plug and unplug the mobile phone frequently, and the connector is easily damaged.

This magnetic data cable has strong suction power and can be accurately sucked. There is a crisp sound during the adsorption process, and there is a feeling of appointment in my heart, refreshing, and simply! The suction force of the interface and the data cable is difficult to disconnect them. The dual magnetic design is adopted. The two ends can be firmly attached and are not easy to fall off. The mobile phone can be easily lifted vertically without falling. The strong suction force is basically Can meet the needs of daily life. Another advantage of this separate junction is that it can play a role in preventing dust from entering the charging interface, and at the same time avoid damage to the charging interface caused by frequent plugging and plugging, and prolong the service life of the charging interface.

Is the magnetic data cable as stable as a normal data cable?

Is the magnetic data cable as stable as a normal data cable?

This question can be explained from two aspects. On the one hand, if it is only for charging and general data transmission, the magnetic data cable is not too far apart from the normal data cable. As long as there are enough stable contacts to meet the requirements of the transmission protocol, in theory, the magnetic data line can support the same charging current as the ordinary data line (that is, the charging speed is the same).

On the other hand, the magnetic data cable completes the contact between the wire and the connector contact by magnetic attraction, rather than plugs or soldering, and its stability is definitely worse than that of ordinary data cables.

In particular, some magnetic data cables with only one contact on the market have relatively poor stability. Once this contact is loose, it will easily affect the charging efficiency. In actual use, especially when charging while using, loose contacts are common.

This magnetic three-in-one fast charging data cable adopts multiple contacts and a special design structure, and the magnetic force is increased by 50% on the original basis. The high-grade magnetic attraction can withstand a pulling force of 2 kg, and the transmission stability is greatly improved.

Will the magnetic fast charging data cable affect the charging speed?

magnetic fast charging data cable affect the charging speed

Despite the magnetic design, the line still guarantees to support the charging identification protocol, and various fast charging modes can be recognized and activated normally.

If the mobile phone wants to realize fast charging, both the data cable and the charging head need to be adapted. In addition, the correct fast charging protocol is also required. The three are in a complementary relationship and are indispensable.

If you use a high-power charging head, but the data cable does not meet the fast charging standard, or the fast charging protocol of the charging head and the data cable does not match, fast charging cannot be achieved. At the same time, the mobile phone needs to support the fast charging function.

Will the magnetic data cable damage the phone during the charging process?

magnetic data cable damage the phone

Generally speaking, a good quality data cable will not affect the mobile phone, because a good magnetic data cable is manufactured and produced in accordance with the standard process in all links of production.

Multi-technical designs such as overvoltage protection and backflow prevention are designed before product production, which effectively prevents overcharging or overcurrent from damaging the phone. It protects the phone during charging and is safe and reliable. Therefore, you can use it with confidence if you choose a good data cable.

How long is the service life of the magnetic data cable?

the magnetic data cable life

Theoretically speaking, as the number of charging increases, the magnetic contact will wear out and aging, which may affect the use effect and reduce the life of the data line.

Like this magnetic data cable, it has been used up to 3w times. It is reinforced with nylon rope to achieve a balance of softness and durability. At the lead-out position of the connector and the cable body, TPE is used to strengthen the data cable to ensure the durability of the data cable.


1 piece 1 meter length magnetic 3-in-1 fast charging cable line

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