wholesale 6 in 1 USB cable supplier

wholesale 6 in 1 USB cable:

wholesale 6 in 1 USB cable

Portable six-in-one multi-interface fast charging data cable

Nowadays, we use more and more electronic devices every day, leading to more and more charging cables. Every time we go out, we need to bring a bunch of charging cables and charging heads. Data cables are also particularly prone to entangled and messed up. It is really difficult to find one out of a bunch of messy cables.

A 6-in-1 universal cable USB cable that can quickly charge all your devices. WisdomUSB cable is a very suitable solution. The cable supports ultra-fast 100W power transmission and 10Gbps data transmission, and has a universal design and interchangeable port heads, allowing you to switch between MicroUSB, Type-C and Lightning connectors. In short, this is a cable that you need to quickly charge all devices and transfer data between them quickly.

Support fast charge:

Support 60W fast charge

60W fast charge

Now electronic equipment consumes a lot of power, and ordinary 10W charging can no longer meet the demand. The special feature of the 6 in 1 usb cable is that it supports fast charging even if it is just a small, emergency, multi-functional conversion data cable.

Supports fast charging up to 60W for devices whose input and output are both Type-C, including the iPhone's fast charging power up to 18W. In the field of portable multi-head data cables, only it can do it.

(Note: The above data comes from the wiscomusb laboratory, and it needs to be equipped with a fast charging head of 60W and above. The actual usage environment is slightly different)

What does fast charging mean?

6 in 1 usb cable notebook can be charged.

notebook charging

The brand-new compatible technical solution and the proprietary smart chip can automatically identify the device and stabilize the output current to prevent the device from being damaged by the turbulent current. inCharge-X breaks through the limitation that multiple cables cannot be charged quickly. It is compatible with a variety of PD and QC fast charging protocols. USB/Type-C to Type-C/Lightning can carry 3A high current, and the experience is not lost to the original data cable.

It can get 2G transmission in 1 minute. Not only the charging is fast, but the 6 in 1 usb cable is used for data transfer between devices, which is not inferior. The transfer rate is as high as 480Mbps, and 1G movies can be transferred in only 30 seconds. It is easy to synchronize/backup data on mobile devices to a computer or transfer data to each other. All mainstream mobile phone brands and computer models can feel that 6 in 1 usb cable brings you a step-by-step smoothness and convenience.

Six charging methods can be selected on demand:

Six charging methods can be selected on demand

USB to Lightning

The most familiar charging method for users such as iPhone, iPad, and AirPods.

USB to Type-C

This is the current charging method for mainstream Type-C Android phones, such as Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, etc.

USB to Mirco-USB

Most of the charging methods for Bluetooth headsets, Switches, voice recorders, Kindles, game consoles and other devices.

Type-C to Type-C

The data transfer mode of the new computer and the new mobile phone.

Type-C to Lightning

The main method of transmission between the new generation of Apple, the new generation of Mac and iPad can be easily connected to the iPhone for charging and data exchange.

Type-C to Mirco-USB

It is suitable for mobile phones, tablets and Bluetooth headsets with Micro-USB interface, such as Xiaomi, Samsung, Meizu, etc.