wholesale Lightning cable supplier

wholesale Lightning cable:

wholesale Lightning cable supplier

The Lightning interface is a new generation of universal data interface that Apple introduced in September 2012. It replaces the old 30PIN Dock interface that has been used for 9 years. It is suitable for all Apple electronic products such as iPad mini and iPad4. The new interface has 8-pin contacts on both sides, and it doesn't matter the front and back, no matter how you insert it, it works fine. The new interface is not only easier to use, but also more durable, and the new lightning interface has a big advantage in size. It is 80% smaller than the original 30Pin interface. The data line that can support the Lightning interface is called the Lightning data line. Just as we call the USB interface as a USB data cable, the Lightning to USB data cable is smaller, more convenient, faster, and more pros and cons.

The Lightning USB cable is primarily used for charging and data transfer for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. We guarantee to charge your device as fast as the original Apple charging cable. The new lighning USB-C port has a maximum transfer rate of 5Gbps. The maximum output voltage is 20 volts to speed up charging time.

The Lightning USB cable is not just for charging your device. It can also send and receive digital information, so you can use it to upload photos and videos to your laptop or download music and movies. iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch interact with iTunes on your computer to sync between your device and your computer these files.

what is MFI program:

what is MFI program

made for iphone,ipad,ipod

MFI program is a licensing program for developers of hardware and software peripherals that work with apple's iPod,iPad and iPhone,of whitch the abbreviation is "made for iPhone,iPod,iPad".

① Gold plated lightning pins

② integrated corrosion-resistant metal head

③ apple MFI smart chip

MFi certification product is guaranteed in the following aspects:

wholesale Lightning USB MFicertification guaranteed

safe software system:

each MFi product needs to have built in systems such as "officially designated security control chip","internal metal reinforced protection structure",etc.

stable hardware materials:

MFi products need to pass the three official strict audits.in addition to the product itself being stable,the manufacturer subnitting the application must have a good reputation.

apple accepts the warranty:

if the device is abnormal due to the use of MFi products,the apple site accepts the warranty,otherwise.if the rest of the products are damaged to the device,the official express provisions do not provide warranty.

PD fast charging:

wholesale Lightning PD fast charging

what is PD fast charging?

it is with the cable television port plus power transmission, broadening the power supply by cord of application.the variety can accomplish higher voltage as well as current, the power can be up to 100W, and can openly transform the direction of power transmission.

the default support of type C interface gate can reach 5V/3A, but after the iimplementation of PD protocol, the output power can rech 100W.

Lightning USB Connector application:

wholesale Lightning USB Connector application

The cable is largely used to charge the gadget. The iPhone and iPad both consist of a Lightning wire and a charger that is used to attach the USB end of the wire into a power electrical outlet. The wire can additionally be utilized to charge the gadget by plugging it into the USB port of a computer, however the quality of the cost you can leave your laptop computer or desktop COMPUTER will vary. The USB port on an older computer may not supply adequate power to charge an iPhone or iPad.

The Lightning adapter does greater than just transmit power. It can additionally send out and also receive electronic info, so you can utilize it to post photos and also video clips to your laptop or download music as well as movies. The iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch interact with iTunes on your computer system to synchronize these data in between the device and also the computer.

The Lightning port can likewise send audio. Beginning with the apple iphone 7, Apple dumped the headphone adapter in its mobile phone lineup. While the increase of wireless earphones as well as audio speakers drove Apple's decision, the most recent iPhones include a Lightning-to-headphone adapter that connects the tools to headphones with miniplug connectors.