wholesale 3 in 1 USB cable supplier

wholesale 3 in 1 USB cable:

wholesale 3 in 1 USB cable

With the development of electronic devices, more and more people have different electronic devices, and this time with different data lines for charging and data transmission. And our 3-in-1 charging cable can cleverly solve this problem. With our versatile 3-in-1 USB cable, you don't have to switch cables for different devices. It combines a micro USB, lightning and USB Type C port into a single cable to provide a full range of charging cables for most of your electronic devices. Easy to carry and use.

The 3-in-1 cable is the ideal solution for your charging needs. 1 meter long, stretchable for easy carrying. You don't have to waste time and space to carry various charging lines when you travel. Our products are suitable for almost all smartphones, mobile power supplies, headsets and other devices around the world. Also suitable for Android or IOS platform users.

Unlike most cables, they not only charge cables, but they can also be used as data synchronization cables for iOS, Android and other devices. The clever adapter cover makes setup easy, just select the connector you need!

Universal for various phone model:

lighting interface

lighting interface

iP11 Pro Max/11 Pro/11/XS/XS Max/iP XR/X iPtable Air/Mini series

type c interface

type c interface

suitable for various android phones such as OPPO vivo and tablets

micro USB interface

micro USB interface

suitable for mobile phones such as HUAWEI Xiaomi HONOR SAMSUNG

3 in 1 USB Cable Advantage:

wholesa 3 in 1 USB Cable Advantage

Support Lightning Port,Micro USB Port ,Type C Port

3 in 1 USB Cable,Support Lightning cable,Micro cable,Type C cable

One Cable Comprehensive Compatibility

Appropriate for 99% of the market on the phone models

Bid Farewell to Waiting Speedy Charging

Fast Billing Boost the Billing Efficiency

Optimal Cable, More Stable Outcome

3 in 1 USB Cable Designed development:

3 in 1 USB Cable Designed development

When buying modern technology of any type of kind, it's understandable to wonder whether a brand-new model is just around the bend. Furthermore, the wondering about could after that rely on how long your prospective brand-new item will certainly last. The problem handy is that our culture has actually been taught to change a product, rather than maintaining it. Just how commonly have you thought about offering your existing product to merely get the most up to date version?

This trend is boosted by the concept of created obsolescence, whereby suppliers design their products to damage after a particular period of time, generally when a newer design is on the close to perspective. This holds true in the context of USB-C screens. In the past 23 years, USB cable overall have experienced 3 major iterations as well as 12 various connection kinds. In conclusion, it's a technology that experiences rapid change and development.

multi 3 in 1:

wholesa multi 3 in 1 usb cable

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one for all! This multi usb wire 3-in-1 style, satisfies the requirements of billing almost all your tools with just one cable television!

make charging easier

for car

for office

for travel