wholesale Micro USB cable supplier

The Micro USB cable is used to connect communication mobile devices and computers for data transmission and charging. The Micro USB data cable is divided into a Micro interface and a USB interface according to the interface. Although with the rapid development and upgrading of the electronics industry, the Micro USB data cable has become an indispensable part of our lives. It cannot be replaced for a while.

With the WISDOM Micro-USB cable, you can charge your Micro-USB device or transfer photos and data at speeds up to 480mbps. After stress testing, it is sturdy and durable. Our Micro-USB cable is designed for the harsh environment of everyday use. The Micro USB cable is suitable for almost all smartphones. If you have Android, BlackBerry, then this will be perfect for you. It can also be used in a large number of Bluetooth headsets and speakers as well as many digital cameras, smart watches, RC devices and more.

Last but not least, we will tailor these cables to your needs to meet the power needs of different brands of mobile phones, tablets and other devices.